Sponsor a Child's Education in Velondriake

Velondriake seeks to improve the education of its children, as it is currently one of the least educated regions of the Madagascar: less than 70% of the local Vezo population complete primary school, less than 20% complete secondary school. Drop out rates are high due to an inability to pay school-related expenses and school fees.


The future of Velondriake's sustainable natural resource management plan depends on an educated population who can understand marine ecosystems and pursue a range of coastal livelihoods beyond fishing. Blue Ventures therefore provides scholarships funded through web-based donations for students within Velondriake to attend primary, middle and high school, and even university. The scholarships include tuition fees, uniforms, stationery and textbooks. Additional initiatives include mentoring, tutoring, housing stipends and meal plans to ensure that all students are adequately supported to reach their full potential.


Please visit http://blueventures.org/our-approach/school-scholarships.html for more details about Velondriake's school scholarships programme.


Local leaders from across the globe share local marine management expertise on a global stage

Monday 10 September 2012, Jeju, South Korea.

jeju conference art ratsimbazafy 

Original artwork by Malagasy Artist, Nady Ratsimbazafy depicting the Jeju convention center and traditional fishing vessels from represented countries.

Local leaders from around the globe showcased inspirational community-based approaches to marine conservation at the World Conservation Congress on the island of Jeju, South Korea. These pioneers lead Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA) in all corners of the world and hail from diverse countries including Fiji, Kenya, Madagascar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica and India.


New health centre opens in Velondriake

Friday 14 September 2012, Andavadoaka, Madagascar.


Les îles Barren explorées et étudiées

Monday 22 November 2011, Maintirano, Madagascar. 

Getty Scholarship

Tuesday, 15 November 2011 00:00

Administered by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the J. Paul Getty award, often called the Nobel Prize of conservation, carries a $200,000 prize fund. In 2008 the President of Velondriake Association, Mr. Roger Samba received the prestigious J. Paul Getty Award in recognition of his pioneering work for leading his community in the development of sustainable management systems. He has used the $200,000 prize fund to create a scholarship programme for promising Malagasy students studying marine science. There are 10 scholarships offered by the programme, 5 for undergraduates and 5 for postgraduates.


Applications are now open. Please find information and application forms below for each scholarship fund. The deadline for applications is November 30th.


Underwater explorers embark on voyage to chart marine diversity of threatened Indian Ocean coral archipelago

Sunday 21 November 2011, Maintirano, Madagascar.