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logo_feombezo__mar2012The Velondriake Management Committee works hard to keep the community informed of its many conservation activities, and of how these benefit the community. To this end, in September 2011 Velondriake began producing a bi-monthly radio show, called Feom'Bezo (The Voice of the Vezo) in partnership with Blue Ventures, sharing news from across its array of projects. Listen to all new episodes of Velondriake's new Feom'Bezo (The Voice of the Vezo) Radio Show in Malagasy here.


Welcome to the 33rd episode of the Voice of the Vezo! In this episode, the scholarship coordinator Viviane, congratulates students on finishing their first 3 months and reminds them to return their bulletin to the school directors. She informs us about a meeting with students (in the BV scholarship program) and their parents to talk about any problems they were having with their education, and thanks them all for their participation. Hery, the radio show host and Junior Reporters Club (JRC) coach updates us on a training the JRC members had on January 30th. Three JRC members, Leonce, Fulgence and Sylvie talk about what they learned and enjoyed from the training. Jacks, the Blue Ventures Ecotourism guide, informs us that there is a youth group in Andavadoaka learning to be guides. He explains that in order to be an ecoguide they must learn and know about many aspects of the environment, as well as have French and/or English language skills. Bringing us news from the SAFIDY program is Fanja, the Family Planning Clinical Technician. The Community Based Distributers (CBDs) had their quarterly meeting on January 29th and 30th. The meeting was aimed to review and improve their work methods, provide training on reproductive rights and distribute new materials to help them organize their work. Madam Clarisse, one of the Andavadoaka CBDs, tells us about what she learned and enjoyed about the training and thanks Safidy for organizing it. Hery helps report on the seagrass and sea cucumber farming news, on behalf of the Aquaculture team who are still working out in the field. The team is monitoring and researching a disease that is affecting the seagrass farms in Lamboara, Tampolove, Agnolignoly, and Ampasira. There was a delivery of sea cucumber juveniles to the region and they also sold 588 mature sea cucumbers. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoa mijanjy!


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Welcome to the 32nd episode of the Voice of the Vezo! In this episode Viviane, the scholarship coordinator, updates listeners on the discussion that the Connecting Classroom students had about climate change and how they can take responsibility and help find solutions to this problem. She explains that the Saturday school students are learning about health and hygiene and thanks to the Ste. Famillie schoolteachers for helping to reinforce the lessons during the week. Updating us on news from the Aquaculture project is Mr. Josvah, the project’s assistant manager. In December, 12 families in Tampolove saw the benefits from the programme when they sold 778 sea cucumbers which generated 1,800,000Ar! Mr. Roger Samba, the current Velondriake committee president, informs listeners that the committee attended various meetings in 2012 and explains about the various topics which include: environmental protection, conservation and climate change. He also explains the plans the committee has for 2013 and that they will be choosing a new president during their general assembly meeting on the 26th and 27th January. Mr. Dolce, the Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) community outreach coordinator, asks the Velondriake members to attend the general assembly meeting, which starts at 8am at the Velondriake Center in Andavadoaka. Hery, the Junior Reporters Club (JRC) coordinator announces JRC training on 30th of January, he asks members throughout the region to arrive to Andavadoaka in order to attend the training. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoa mijanjy!


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Holiday Greetings from Blue Ventures! In this episode, Viviane from the education team congratulates local students on finishing up 2012 and lets them know they should receive their grades shortly. She also notifies all the children in Andavadoaka that the school canteen is starting up again this week and Saturday school is also open again. Students will learn about environmental protection this year, so Viviane asks parents to please keep sending their kids to SS! Hery, the JRC coach, talks about the 10 JRC student groups who work with their villages to spread news about the environment. He asks anyone with any vaovao (news) to contact BV in Andavadoaka. Silvere reviews the importance of working together to help protect the turtle population. He explains that turtles must be allowed to age to sexual maturity in order to have offspring, and that turtles are important for the coral ecosystem. Finally, Haja of the aquaculture team announces that Belovenake finished its first year of working with seaweed farming. Eight villages are now farming seaweed and we are currently testing out 4 new sites in Nosy Ve, Andambatihy, Nosy Mitata and Nosy Andranombala. Farming seaweed can benefit the entire region. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoa mijanjy!


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Welcome to the 30th episode of the Voice of Vezo! Hery gives updates on the latest news from the education progrramme. Discussing the scholar meals programme, how Saturday School is continuing to grow, that Connecting Classrooms students are still very keen to improve their computer skills, and that Club Aloalo is still going strong. Silvere from BV' Shark and Turtle project talks about the importance of marine turtles for the health of the sea. Unfortuntely there are still turtles being killed in the region so Silvere asks listeners not to kill them and protect these amazing animals. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoamijanjy!


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Welcome to the 29th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! Viviane from Education Team tells about the girls essay contest. Thirty two girls, from grades 3, 4 and 5, participated in the contest and we distributed prizes to all of them during the annual FISAbol; a football tournament used to raise awareness about reproductive health and contraceptive use, in Andavadoaka. The two essay questions were: "How can girls in Velondriake protect the environment?" and "Why should girls go to school?". Doctor Clarisse, from the health project, thanks the people who attended FISAbol and tlistened to the family planning, maternal & child health and water & sanitation health messages. She hopes that these people will follow her suggestions. Josvah, from the community aquaculture team tells us about the trip the team did to Sarodrano (south of Toliara) where the farmers were really experienced with seaweed farming. The trip was organised to share experiences on seaweed farming between farmers from different villages in Velondriake. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoamijanjy!


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Welcome to our 28th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week Viviane, from the BV Education team, shares news about the school canteen that has been running now for 2 months. She explains that students in Andavadoaka now have the chance to go to the canteen and eat healthy food and our students in the lycée school in Morombe and Tulear have the right to a 5000 Ar bursary per month towards their food. Viviane also says a big thank you to all the families that have sent their kids to Saturday School, to ADES ("association pour le dévéloppement de l'énergie solaire"), a NGO from Morombe that is doing environmental education in the Saturday Schools and Connecting Classrooms and to Chris, a volunteer that has been helping us teaching English to our students. Doctor Clarisse, from SAFIDY, informs women not to hesitate to see the 33 Blue Ventures CBDs (community based distributors) in Velondriake when they need them. Fanja explains the messages of FISAbol and invites all the people to come to Andavadoaka for the next session. Josvah, from BV' aquaculture program, is in Sarodrano, a village with 500 farmers producing over 5 tons of seaweed each week! There are 20 farmers from many different villages who share their experiences and learn new techniques. Enjoy listening.


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Welcome to the 27th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! In this episode Viviane, our scholarship coordinator, talks about the school canteen and the collaboration with the Womens Association - and the importance of a balanced meal for happy, successful students. Emile explains about the environmental lessons programme at College S.te Famille in Andavadoaka, and talks about recent the field with the Connecting Classrooms students, where they learnt about the importance of protecting biodiversity. Doctor Clarisse, from the Safidy Programme, gives information about FISAbol in Salary village, MCH (maternal and child health), and Wash and Family Planning messages. Mahasoa declares the end of well construction in Tampolove and Vatoavo, which was done by BV and USAID. Dolce shares news about the workshop about Velondriake delineation, the zoning, the management rules, strategies and objectives of the LMMA. He also thanks all participants who attended including the local authorities, representatives of the project and the Women Association. Finally Josvah, from the aquaculture team, announces the increase in the number of farmers in Fagnemotse and a new pilot site for seacucumber farming. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoa mijanjy!


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In this 26th episode Viviane, the scholarship coordinator, updates listeners about the high school exit exams in the Velondriake region. She congratulates the students who passed the exam and advises the others to work hard during this school year. This week, the school canteen will begin for students in Andavadoaka, which provides meals to scholarship students. Hery shares news from the RJME and the environmental clubs and Emile, the coordinator of the Clubs network in Velondriake, talks about collaboration with the Tsakafy club in Lamboara, where the soccer tournament and health awareness event, FISAbol, took place this week. Doctor Clarisse gives health messages about family planning, WASH and maternal and child care. During FISAbol she informed women about the importance of vaccines during pregnancy. Jean Noel, captain of the Tampolove team and president of the local environmental club, thanks Blue Ventures for organizing the FISAbol and shares messages on health and sport. Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo! Mazotoa mijanjy!


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Welcome to our 25th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! The life skills training for girls finished this week and Viviane thanks all the girls who attended the training! During the week the distribution of all the materials for the BV scholars took place with almost 200 students. Emile updates about the FISAbol in Bevato and the collaboration with the community. Fanja, from the Safidy team, explains that FISAbol is very important to educate the community about health. The winners in Bevato were the Bevato team for the boys and the Belavenoke team for the girls. We have interviews with a young boy from Bevato and one from Belavenoke. Both of them thank Blue Ventures for the FISAbol, which allowed them to play and meet other youth from the whole Velondriake region. Finally, some news from the aquaculture team and the selling of 430 sea cucumbers! In October there will be a new site in Vatoavo and in November 8 new farmers. Then, some update about the opening of the octopus reserve and the results of the fishing. Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to our 24th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week Viviane, from the Education Team, announces that on Thursday 20th September at 3pm there will be a meeting with all of the BV scholars and their parents to sign the scholar contract between the school, the parents and Blue Ventures and to distribute school materials. Doctor Clarisse explains how important it is for pregnant women to have antenatal visits and gives some suggestions for a healthy pregnancy. Cicélin, from the aquaculture team, explains the research he has been conducting on red algae and the purpose of this research. Haja from the aquaculture team adds that community algae farmers sold 6,500 kilograms of red algae in these three villages: Ampasimarà, Vatoavo and Agnolignoly. Dolce, from the locally managed marine area team, tells listeners about the opening of the new octopus reserve and all of the activities surrounding this big event in Velondriake. Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to our 23rd episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week Viviane, from the education team, talks about the life skills training for young girls and about Saturday School, which is open to any child in the area. She announces the Blue Ventures scholars' BEPC results, congratulating the students that successfully completed their exam and asking the others to work harder in this new school year. Hery, from the education team, gives an introduction to the activities of RJME or "Tanora Velondriake" and about environmental education in the villages. Emile, also from the education team, discusses the new environmental club in Nosy Be and the meaning behind the name "Tanora Velondriake". Fanja talks about the activities of Safidy in the past 5 years within the Velondriake Region and gives a big thank-you to all the people who attended the inauguration of new health center in Andavadoaka. Then, Zizienne, from Aquaculture Project, tells listeners that 10 farmers will construct new sea cucumber pens in the next month and that 7 farmers alone can collect 1,800 kilograms of red algae. Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to our 22nd episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week, Viviane, from the Education Team, discusses the upcoming five-week long life skills training for girls. She also announces the closure of the application process for the new round of Blue Ventures scholarships. The official announcement of the next class of Blue Ventures scholars will be announced on the next episode of Feom'Bezo. Doctor Clarisse, from the Family Planning Programme, shares more public health messages for expecting mothers. She speaks about the importance of hospital visits for analysis, vaccinations and health check-ups for both the mother and her baby. She explains that pregnant women should have four hospital visits before giving birth. Then Hery, the Education Programme's JRC Coordinator, shares some information on CLTS (community lead total sanitation), or the FTTF association (Fahadiovana Tanteraka tarihin'ny Fokon'olona), the objectives of the association, and their activities in the village of Andavadoaka. Mahasoa, from the WASH program, gives some general information about the FTTF association and Fila, the president of FTTF, updates listeners about upcoming community activities on the 17th and 18th of August. Next, M. Roger discusses the activities of the members of Velondriake Committee in the Vezo Milagnoriake region (01-03 August). He explains the fine of 100.000Ar for those that violate the Dina regarding poisoning fish (laro) and that the committee will seize the fish caught. Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to the 21st episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week Viviane from BV Education shares news from the Scholarship Programme; the "cantine scolaire" activity is ending this week and it will start again with the new school year. There was a meeting with all the parents of the scholars to collect their "bulletins des notes" (report cards). The deadline for the new BV Scholarship 2012-2013 applications is the 15th of August. After that, Hery, the JRC's coach, talks about the selection process for the new JRC; they'll have a training with him before the final selection. We have an interview with Diane Prisca, one of the candidates; She explains her excitement about this new experience and that she really likes learning about the environment! Dr. Clarisse, from the BV Health & Family Planning Programme, shares more public health messages for expecting mothers, encouraging them to take the de-worming medication for a healthy pregnancy. Then Josvah, from the aquaculture team, talks about the training they did about the sea cucumbers and sea grass in Tampolove. Finally, we end the program with a song from our Silvera, reminding children to listen to their parents and adults and the importance of going to school in order to have an important role in the community. Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to our 20th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week, Dr. Clarisse from the BV Health & Family Planning Programme shares more public health messages for expectant mothers, encouraging them to follow the recommended vitamin regimen for a healthy pregnancy. Next, Viviane from BV Education shares news from our Scholarship Programme -- including our second girl scholar essay contest -- as well as welcoming Marzia, the new Education Programme Coordinator. Then Mahasoa talks about the "Kaominina Mendrika" programme, which challenged local villages to enter it's "cleanest town" contest, in which Befandefa (where Andavadoaka is located) took first place. Finally, the President of the Velondriake Committee shares news from the recent Velondriake meeting, including an important upcoming training on community-led enforcement of the "dina", or set of local laws governing the Velondriake LMMA (locally-managed marine area). Mazotoa mijanjy - enjoy listening!


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Welcome to the 19th episode of The Voice of the Vezo radio program. This week we speak with Joelson, a member of our Junior Reporters Club, who tells us about the recent trainings JRCs have been benefiting from. Viviane, the newest member of the Education Programme team, tells us about the recent girls' essay contests on "education and the environment" and "the importance of girls education". Josvah shares news from the Aquaculture Programme, which is expanding into new test villages with seaweed farming and sea cucumber raising projects. Finally Mahasoa shares news from the latest Village Outreach Tour, which is currently teaching the Velondriake community about octopus reserves and public sanitation, using evening films and presentations as the Village Tour travels from village to village. Enjoy listening!


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Welcome to our 18th episode of the Voice of the Vezo! This week, we share voices of "Vezo" from around Madagascar, who gathered in Andavadoaka last week to attend the first annual Forum of Madagascar LMMAs (locally-managed marine areas), hosted by the Velondriake Committee and Blue Ventures. This is a major step toward improving collaboration across communities where local marine management is happening on the island, and a first step toward creating an LMMA network. We also share news from the Spider Tortoise Festival in the village of Lamboara, the last major habitat of this critically endangered, palm-sized reptile. Finally, Doctor Clarisse speaks with us from the Maternal and Child Health Programme, teaching mothers the importance of taking iron supplements and eating healthy foods during pregnancy.


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Welcome to episode 17 of Voice of the Vezo! In this episode, we introduce Viviane, the newest member of the BV education team. Then Goff tells us about the upcoming festival to celebrate the spider tortoise, and Roger shares news from the recent launch festival of the Manjaboake local marine conservation committee, to the south of the Velondriake region. Finally, Doctor Clarisse from the Health Programme discusses healthy weaning foods for infants, part of BV's work to improve community health while conserving local natural resources.


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In episode 16, Roger (president of the Velondriake Committee) shares the fantastic news that Velondriake has just become a member of the Alliance Voaary Gasy, the strongest environmental defense and advocacy network in Madagascar! Next, Angelo of the Aquaculture programme talks about his teaching session at this week's Saturday School environmental education classes for the children of Andavadoaka. Then Dr. Clarisse of the BV Health & Family Planning programme discusses the importance of prenatal vaccines for expecting mothers and for women in general, reminding listeners that healthy communities and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand. Finally, Feno discusses the week-long training he has been leading for the Velondriake Junior Reporters Club and for select members of BV staff, building their capacity in high-quality audio and radio program production -- we hope you can hear the difference in our next episode of Feom'Bezo!


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Welcome to the latest episode of Voice of the Vezo! The Velondriake JRCs (members Junior Reporters Club) share news from their recent 3-day training with the Blue Ventures Education Programme, a training on producing educational films and radio programs. (Click here to read more about our JRCs, who make films about local conservation issues, and are even learning to make radio programs with us at Feom'Bezo!) Doctor Clarisse talks about the recent BV Health programme 4-day training on prenatal care for expecting mothers. We also share news from the Aquaculture Programme: a profile on Cicelin, the newest member of the growing Aquaculture team. Cicelin is working on a study to measure the long-term ecological impacts of the Aquaculture seaweed farming project. Enjoy listening!

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Time again for the Voice of the Vezo! This week's programme brings us news and updates from the April meeting of the Velondriake Management Committee, as well as big news from the Blue Ventures Aquaculture Programme: the seaweed and sea cucumber projects are growing, so a new job opening has just become available. We also introduce Rado, a scientist helping to compile and analyse BV scientific data, the newest member of the BV Andavadoaka team. Finally Clarisse shares news from the maternal and child health initiative within the Community Health and Family Planning Programme: this week, she explains the importance of child vaccinations in raising healthy families, and ultimately reducing pressure on the Velondriake natural resource base. Mazotoa mijanjy! (Enjoy listening!)


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This week's episode of Feom'Bezo speaks with Dr Clarisse from the BV Health and Family Planning Programme, who has begun to educate the Velondriake community on proper breastfeeding for raising healthier babies (and ultimately smaller families). From the Education Programme, Joeline gives an update on recent Saturday Schools activities, like the SS "logo and slogan" contest, and Joelson talks about recent work from the Junior Reporters Club. From the Aquaculture Programme, Josva and Zizienne share news from the most successful seaweed-raising and sea cucumber-farming communities. Finally, Dolce shares news on the Velondriake dina, or local conservation laws, recently updated to reflect the expanded scope of BV and Velondriake activities. Enjoy listening!


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In this week's episode, the Feom'Bezo team interviews Clarisse, the newest member of the Blue Ventures staff. Clarisse is a doctor working for the BV Health and Family Planning programme, leading the new maternal and child health initiative -- because Blue Ventures knows that keeping mothers and families healthy is an important part of conserving the local natural resource base. Next, we hear from Emmanuel, just back from a trip south with members of the Velondriake Committee, checking in on the partner committee in Ambatomiloho as they implement the Velondriake LMMA (locally-managed marine area) model. Finally, we hear from our local partner teachers, discussing the benefits their students derive from monthly in-class environmental education (provided by Blue Ventures), in addition to the other exciting extracurricular environmental education activities offered by BV here in Andavadoaka. Mazotoa... enjoy!


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Once again, the BV-Velondriake radio show is celebrating local musical talent. In this episode we interview Balbine, the lead singer of Armistice, the group formed by Sylvere (interviewed on a previous show). Balbine talks to Feom'Bezo about why she loves singing about the environment, and why she feels it is the most effective way to spread important conservation messages to the community. We also share major news from the recent Velondriake Committee meeting, especially the recent changes made to the Dina (local laws) that governs the Velondriake marine protected area.

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This week's episode of Feom'Bezo features two new songs from the Tariky Sylvere environmental music group. One song is about the Velondriake reserve system, and the other is about public sanitation in hygiene, and both are set to the catchy beat of popular local music. The last song is from Tariky Valerio, the young local music group led by the President of Andavadoaka's Club Aloalo youth environmental club (please click here for the online video). The next episode of Feom'Bezo will introduce yet another young music group with environmental songs from Velondriake – a region full of young talent! 

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The ninth episode of Feom'Bezo is out! It features one of the new songs from the Tariky Valerio youth music group, "Protect the Forests". There is news from the annual General Assembly of the Velondriake Management Committee, followed by news from the new Teariake local management committee in Morombe. A local member of the Junior Reporters' Club shares news from the recent JRC training, and a member of Club Aloalo talks about the Youth Environmental Festival they held in Andavadoaka last weekend – where over 850 spectators celebrated the environment with the club! Enjoy listening to the Voice of the Vezo.

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In this episode, Feom'Bezo gives the microphone over to the "Tariky Valerio" music group. This music group is led by Valerio, president of the Aloalo youth environmental club, and an inspirational voice amongst his peers. Together with Adore, Voafidy, and Patrick, Valerio has written four songs about the importance of protecting the environment in Velondriake. Three are featured here – one with instruments and two a cappella – along with a recent interview with Valerio about what motivates him to sing for conservation. These youth truly are the future of Velondriake, already working for a sustainable future.


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Happy New Year from Velondriake! In this first episode of 2012, the Voice of the Vezo (Feom'Bezo) radio show gets the community excited for the upcoming Teariake festival in Morombe. Teariake (Love the Sea) is a new community conservation organization just north of Velondriake that the Velondriake association has been helping to train during its beginning stages. And now its new locally-managed marine reserve is in place, and the community is ready to celebrate! Plus Joeline talks about the recent Saturday Schools activities, where the kids have been making art from beach rubbish, and Hery talks about what it means to be a new Junior Reporter, using film to inspire other youth to get involved in conservation. Finally, Valerio, a young local musician and president of the Aloalo youth environmental club, talks about what motivates him and the other students in his music group to write songs about protecting the environment. Watch his music video here

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In the sixth episode of Feom'Bezo, Josvah of the BV aquaculture project shares news from the recent sale of sea cucumbers – over 500 sold in one village! The sustainable sea cucumber farming project is showing one success after another, and our radio show is helping to share the success with the entire Velondriake region. Episode 6 also features an interview with Dolce of Blue Ventures, who recently worked with the Velondriake Management Committee to train another new local management committee, Teariake in Morombe, to begin to manage its coastal natural resources. The Velondriake model is catching on!


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The fifth episode of Feom'/Bezo features updates from the Velondriake Management Committee’s monthly meeting, where the members share news from across the Velondriake LMMA (locally-managed marine reserve) and beyond.  In this episode the Velondriake members even share news from beyond their LMMA zone, about a recent exchange trip to Belo sur Mer where they assisted in opening a new community-managed mangrove reserve, managed by the Beandriake association in Belo.

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The fourth episode of Feom'Bezo features an interview with the President of the Belavenoke village, also a member of the Velondriake Management Committee, regarding his recent trip north to Belo sur Mer. He joined three other members of Velondriake to observe the opening day of the new mangrove reserve in Belo sur Mer, and to share Velondriake's natural resource management experience with the new mangrove management association in Belo, called Beandriake. The program also includes news from the Blue Ventures aquaculture and education programs.


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The third episode of Feom'Bezo featured interviews with Blue Ventures representatives just returned from the WIOMSA (Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association) conference in Mombasa, Kenya. It also checked in with the new UNICEF-sponsored environmental education program, and with the coordinator of the Feom'Bezo newsletter –news and updates from Velondriake and Blue Ventures, distributed throughout the coastal southwest.


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The second Feom'Bezo episode shared news from the Velondriake community health program, focusing on the upcoming annual Fisabol tournament. Fisabol is a soccer tournament that Velondriake and Blue Ventures hold throughout the coastal southwest region, where soccer games are interspersed with educational films, plays, and contests for the community.


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The first episode of Feom'Bezo introduced the new partnership between Velondriake, Blue Ventures, and UNICEF, and how it is helping Velondriake to enhance its environmental education activities for the children and youth of the region.


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