Blue Ventures Conservation
Blue Ventures is based in the village of Andavadoaka, the centre of the Velondriake locally managed marine area, and has partnered with the surrounding villages since 2003. Blue Ventures facilitated the formation of Velondriake and conducts scientific monitoring, environmental education and reproductive health projects within the LMMA. Blue Ventures also brings volunteers to Andavadoaka and trains them in marine research and conservation. Blue Ventures continues to work in partnership with the Velondriake Association, providing guidance and techincal assistance as needed.


Copefrito SA
Copefrito SA, one of the largest international fishing companies in the area, is working with conservationists to study the commercialization of fisheries and its impact on marine species.


IHSM, Université de Toliara
Housed at the University of Toliara is the Institut Halieuteque et des Sciences Marines (IHSM), Madagascar's principle marine research institute. Blue Ventures partners with the IHSM to collect data on marine resources, develop conservation strategies and implement management plans.


Marine Protected Areas of the Indian Ocean Commission
The regional network of marine protected areas for the Indian Ocean Commission countries.


The Wildlife Conservation Society
The Wildlife Conservation Society has worked in Madagascar for more than 13 years and was a key partner in implementing the Velondriake locally managed marine area.


The West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association provides funding and a communication platform, including an annual conference,  for governments, NGO’s and individuals involved in marine science and conservation in the region.